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Animal Crossing enters the Video Game Hall of Fame

Animal Crossing enters the Video Game Hall of Fame

There Video Game Hall of Fame has once again broadened its horizons by adding four new titles to its selection. After narrowing the candidates to just 12 finalists, yesterday it was Strong National Museum of Play announced the selected games. It is about Microsoft Flight Simulator, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, Starcraft And Animal Crossing. An important victory if we consider that candidates of the caliber of Call of Duty, Farmville, FIFA International Soccer, Guitar Hero and Tron arrived in the final.

Hall of Fame: Starcraft and Animal Crossing enter the video game selection

Just yesterday, in a live stream from the Rochester office, the Management of the Strong National Museum of Play announced the new games entered the Video Game Hall of Fame. As every year, a jury of journalists and videogame experts has selected some of the most deserving titles to be included in the selection. Among these could certainly not be missing Animal Crossingwhich has managed to stand out from the titles published in recent years for the experience of sociability that offers players.

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But in the selection we also find a much longer-lived title such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has been incredibly successful since its launch in 1982. “For the first time, amateur and professional aviators could navigate the skies, without ever leaving home”, commented the game one of the members of the Museum’s jury. from New York. Starcraft, the second Blizzard game that earns the honor of joining the prestigious selection, also enters the Hall of Fame, after World of WarCraft it was added back in 2015.

It seems to have convinced the members of the jury above all the multiplayer experience by Starcraft. According to the jurors, this would have made it the greatest esports title of its time. “It is considered to be one of the best real-time strategy games of all time and has had a significant impact on many of the real-time strategy games that have taken place over the past two decades.” So commented digital game curator Andrew Borman. Finally, enter the selection too Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?. Released in 1985, the title helped millions of students learn geography from around the world as they searched for the mysterious character. In short, four thick titles. Entry into the Hall of Fame was almost a must, isn’t it?