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Animal Crossing 2.0, a breath of fresh air

Animal Crossing 2.0, a breath of fresh air

A few days ago a massive one finally arrived free update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Nicknamed Animal Crossing 2.0, has brought a breath of fresh air and additions to the game, which after trying it now we will tell you in this review!

Our review of the Animal Crossing 2.0 update

The most important news for this update concerns two new elements, distinct but connected. We are talking about the boat trips with Oar and the cafeteria of Bartolocalled the Pigeon house. Boat trips, which depart from the island’s jetty, will allow you to go once a day on a desert island, similar to air travel, but with the ability to find islands out of season And particular elements.

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One of these elements are the gyroidsof the small animated sculptures already present in other chapters of the series. An example of a gyroid was already present before the update in the guise of I wander around, the collector of money for various construction works on the island. Now, however, it is possible to find, on the various islands reachable exclusively by boat tours, fragments of gyroid from planting, watering and digging up.

The gyroids are also related to the cafeteria. At the request of Blateroin fact, we will have to look for the pigeon Bartolo to open a café inside the museum. We will find it on one of the islands of boat trips just in search of the small statuettes. Once met, he will agree to move to our island and open the cafeteria. Once completed in a couple of days, in this café we can drinking coffee (without particular effects) and invite, through statuettes or cards Amiibocharacters from the franchise.

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More and more shops

Another important novelty concerns theFiorilio island. The island, reachable at any time with the air service, was in fact used before the update exclusively for photo shoots. A nice feature, but a little limited, especially in the absence of Amiibo with which to populate the scenes to the maximum.

Now the same island becomes the home of one instead commonwhere old and new characters will set up fixed stalls to sell particular goods, such as options for customizing objects or readings of the future. Each stand will need a financial contribution of 100 thousand little stars to be open, but it’s definitely worth it.

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Simple but appreciated improvements

The update then includes a whole series of small changes, which however simplify and improve the gaming experience. For example, the ordinances, or acts with which it is possible to influence the life of the island. We could for example make the inhabitants wake up earlier and bring the opening hours of the shops earlieror vice versa delaying the time of sleep and the closing of shops, depending on our gaming habits. If we are not people who connect everyday or we do not want to waste time with the removal of weeds and garbage, we can ask that the islanders do it. Finally, we can raise the prices of shop items, resulting in higher prices when it comes to selling us something.

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There camera has been updated to provide for a modality first person it’s a easel, as well as several new lenses. A seemingly trivial change, but that in fact revolutionizes in-game photographyallowing to obtain really very beautiful results or to, for example, explore the game with a first-person view.

The space for their own was then expanded in general design (with 200 new spaces) And objects (with the warehouse that can now be enlarged and can also accommodate the do-it-yourself projects), and our abilities, with the possibility of grow vegetables And cooking recipes.

Animal Crossing 2.0 review: a reason to start playing again

As this is a free update (unlike the newly released DLC, including the Online Add-on Package subscription or on its own to € 24.99), if you have the game the entry barrier to try it is very low. Moreover, if you are a player who usually accesses their island, you will probably have already noticed some of these changes and appreciated them with pleasure.

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However, if, like other people, you haven’t entered your island for a while because you ran out of things to do months and months ago, we can assure you that the new update will allow you to re-immerse yourself in this title, with a new and renewed desire to playing that we are sure will last for a while. So, grab your Switch and correct to update Animal Crossing New Horizons!