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Android TV 4K and soundbar with Alexa: Sharp’s multimedia proposal

Android TV 4K and soundbar with Alexa: Sharp’s multimedia proposal

Berlin – If the brand of SHARP it is already famous for its TVs, with records such as that of the first television in 2017 8Kthis year the Japanese company has decided to focus on the smart TV and voice assistants. Sharp has indeed announced, at its pre-IFA conference, that it will launch Android TV economic with integrated Google Assistant and of soundbar smart Equipped with Amazon Alexa. But let’s see in detail the announced products.

Sharp presents its Android TVs

Sharp has announced that it will launch four TV families with Android TV over the next few months. The choice for this platform was determined by its wealth of content and its integration with Google Assistantfor research and for the management of your own smart home.

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All announced products will be extremely cheap, as Sharp’s goal is to make this type of TV commodities. It does not mean, however, that qualitative compromises have been made. The LCD panels are produced by Sharp itself, while the audio has been edited in collaboration with Harman / Kardon.

The first series, called BL Series and available in formats 40 “, 50”, 55 “ And 65 ″will be launched by end of 2019, and will be equipped with a remote control with a built-in microphone to speak with Google’s voice assistant. The screen resolution will be 4Kwith support for standards HDR10 And HLG. The other three series will see the light in 2020, with the first, called BN Series, already available in the first months of the year and equipped with Dolby Vision-Atmos.

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For those who are already equipped with a TV, but were thinking of upgrading with a soundbar and a TV box, Sharp presented a hybrid soundbar with integrated, for voice control, Amazon Alexa. This tv box made sound system, called Premium Soundbar 2.1 HT-SBW310it will in fact be able to stream 4K UHD, and will have a design made in collaboration with P.ininfarina. An updated version of this product should also arrive in 2020, with integrated DTS Play-Fiwhich is a standard for multi-room audio.

As for the prices, Sharp has only shared those concerning the TVs of the BL series: the formats 40 “, 50”, 55 “and 65” will cost respectively € 399, € 479, € 549 And € 749. The Smart Soundbar will instead be available in stores at a list price of € 399.00.