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Android, the future king

Android, the future king

Yesterday Charles wrote an entry about one of the most interesting aspects of Android, the democratization it represents in the world of smartphones. Of course there may be fragmentation, but this is nothing more than the other side of the enormous variety of devices found on the marketall completely different from each other: some at the level of the iPhone, with enviable hardware even for the occasional old computer and others not so much, species of low-end smartphones.

Apple, as always, makes its products for an (economical) elite and Blackberry, focused as always on the corporate sphere, has one or another cheap cell phone, but it is losing ground to the most modern operating systems. And boy does it keep losing ground. According to the latest data from comScore, between the months of May and August, Blackberry saw its share of users in the United States decrease by more than four percent, falling from 41.7% to 37.6%.

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The surprise is given by Apple, strangely accompanying RIM in the fall, even if only with 0.2%. So is, Apple also lost market, as did Microsoft (who fell 2.4%) and Palm, who despite everything continue to hold fifth place. If you paid even the slightest attention to the data, you’ll see that apparently everyone saw their share of users decrease. Sure, with one exception: you guessed it, Android.

Google’s operating system grew in recent months from 13% (it was fourth, behind Windows Phone) to an impressive 19.6%, a growth of 6.6%. It’s very simple: if this trend continues in the next three months Android could displace iOS from second place and in not much more than a year Blackberryif they do not do something to change the landscape.

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Likewise, if you think about it, it’s logical: with Symbian practically out of the picture, a MeeGo that despite all the promises doesn’t seem like it’s going to take off, against a single phone (because after all, the iPhone is just a phone against the world), it is completely logical that Android grows at this rate and it does not mean that it is better or worse. What do you say, you thought I would have so much success?

Via: TechCrunch