Android 2.2 Froyo officially announced

The second day of the annual developers conference Google I/O 2010the new version of the company's mobile operating system was officially presented, Android 2.2 (Code name Froyo).

One of the improvements announced, and that everyone was waiting for, was greater speed in the operating system and in applications. The speed is increased between two to five times more than in the previous version of Android and more than 20 new features are presented.

Google has introduced the new version of its Android 2.2 mobile operating system 'Froyo', which will offer between two to five times faster speed than previous versions and will have more than 20 new business-focused features. What surprised everyone was that the performance of Javascript increased up to three times.

Among some of the new features we will have:

  • A new API for backups.
  • Google Maps compass improvements.
  • Possibility of creating a portable WiFi hotspot with the phone, to share the Internet connection with one or more devices.
  • Flash support.
  • Improvements to Google voice search.
  • Apps can be saved and run from the microSD.
  • Automatic update of applications already downloaded on the phone.

Via: Bitelia

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