And the winner of the 2010 Fiasco Awards was… the iPad

A few days ago, my colleague Axel wrote here about the second edition of the Fiasco Awards, which is an initiative similar to the Razzie Awards (also known as the Anti-Oscars), but here, instead of actors, prizes are awarded to the best projects in the field of ICT which have ended in a fiasco.

Among this year's nominees were several projects related in one way or another to technology that genuinely caused controversy among users, including:

  • GDN
  • Google Wave
  • HD-DVD
  • DVB_T
  • iPad
  • Mobile video call
  • PSPGo!
  • xin

Well, after some 7,000 people participated in this edition with their votes, yesterday the winner was presented in the Spanish city of Barcelona and it was none other than Apple's iPad, and it also won a landslide victory with 61.8% of the votes.

Now, after knowing the winner of the second edition of the Fiasco Awards, many were quick to say that it is still too early to assess whether or not the iPad is a fiasco, so the organization is committed to , if The prediction does not come true, putting the iPad back among the nominees of the 2011 edition of the awards and including itself among the nominated finalists of the 2011 edition of the awards.

Personally, I am not going to buy an iPad because I consider that it leaves a lot to be desired and because I know perfectly well, like many others, the strategy that Apple has followed on other occasions with its products, to as far as I know, a second version of the iPad much more complete than the first and that one risks falling. And that said, I think the iPad won't be a FAIL and will sell like hotcakes, but we'll see what happens soon so why wonder.

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Via: AppleWeblog