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An Online Petition to Stop Squid Game: Here’s What’s Happening

An Online Petition to Stop Squid Game: Here’s What’s Happening

The Carolina Foundation launches a petition to stop the phenomenon of the moment: the Squid Game series.

Carolina Foundation against Squid Game: the petition to stop the series

The controversies around are not subsiding Squid Game, for what is definitely the phenomenon of the moment. However, the South Korean series, the most watched on Netflix, is also making people talk in a negative sense. After much discussion about the beauty of the production and the intriguing plot, there are in fact numerous controversial voices around the product. Many children from all over the world are in fact imitating the games featured in the series.

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But the phenomenon seems to be widespread also in Italy, where a petition on Change.org has just been launched called: “Let’s stop Squid Game“. ANSA makes it known that it is a maneuver of Carolina FoundationOnlus dedicated to Carolina Woodpeckerfirst confirmed victim of cyberbullying in Italy.

“In the face of the dismay of mothers and nursery school teachers, good intentions are not enough, but concrete action is needed” they say from the non-profit organization. The spokespersons are also keen to point out that it is not “a censorship act, but responds to the need to face the defeat of parental controls and the crisis of parenthood. A debacle exposed by social networks and, above all, by the dozens of reports that the experts for digital security of the new generations have collected from all over Italy “.

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The Foundation has made public some of the testimonies of parents, which ANSA provides us:

“My son hit his little friend while playing Squid Game”; “My daughter’s backpack was knocked out of the classroom window because she lost to Squid Game, she doesn’t want to leave the house anymore”; “My kids weren’t invited to their partner’s party, because they don’t want to play Squid Game”

This is something very similar to what is happening in England and Belgium. It is good to remember that Netflix does not recommend viewing the series for children under 14, but that this has not, however, stemmed the phenomenon among the smallest. After all virality certainly does not ask for an identity card.

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He also expressed himself on the subject Ivano Zoppione of the representatives of the Carolina Foundation, who stated:

“At this point, the only possible solution seems to be old-fashioned censorship. Some will turn up their noses, but now it seems the only possible tool to defend the principle of the safety of minors “.