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An inside look at the development and origins of Knockout City

An inside look at the development and origins of Knockout City

The new title of Velan Studios, Knockout Citywill come out on May 21 after about four years of development. To give the audience a look behind the scenes, Velan decided to show them through a video retro influences and the futuristic technology that were used to create the title.

In the blog, Velan describes the “Tech Deco” personality, which shaped the artistic direction of the title, along with the origin of some of the brawlers that players will be able to create in the video game. Let’s find out all the details together.

The origins and development of Knockout City

The first element that Velan Studios highlights concerns the game mechanics. At the beginning in the title it started with the collection and the throwing balls and then with the balling and the rolling. Then we proceeded forward naturally towards throwing by teammates.

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However, the studio needed something to be able to do connect all the various mechanics and something that could make the various oddities of the game normal. It was only when Eric Feurstein, the narrative director of Knockout City had an idea in a dream that it all came true.

In the video above you can learn the story of how the game went from a pile of mechanics to the rich And full world of Knockout City that many have seen in the recent Beta Cross-Play.

As a physical location, Knockout City offered the studio a chance to experience all the out-of-the-ordinary mechanics they can imagine. Knockout City is a city obsessed with dodgeball, so it obviously makes sense that the people who live there resolve their disputes in this way. Of course it makes sense that you can play ball and be thrown across the map.

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The very existence of the city immediately answered all the questions they had. Why are there strategically placed bounce ramps around the city to launch characters into the sky? Why are there pipes that suck the characters up and carry them from one end of the block to the other? Because this is Knockout City.

If you want to know more information about the background of the game, you can consult the official website.