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  5. An English boy receives the Metal Gear Solid bionic prosthesis

An English boy receives the Metal Gear Solid bionic prosthesis

An English boy receives the Metal Gear Solid bionic prosthesis

Konami Digital partnered with award-winning prosthetic company Open Bionics to make the Metal Gear Solid Venom Snake design for the multi-grip bionic arm Hero Arm. 29 year old British Daniel Melville, first of the right hand since birth, has been wearing a bionic Hero Arm for over three years and is now the first to wear this version.

Metal Gear Solid’s bionic arm is reality

The youngster is now the first to use one of the Metal Gear design and said: “This is all incredible, I have always wanted a bionic arm like this. I love video games And this sagaso wearing Snake’s arm in real life is simply extraordinary ”.

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Venom Snake is the protagonist of the highly successful video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The character in question has lost his arm following an explosion and uses an iconic red and black hi-tech prosthesis.

The bionic arm Hero Arm is a product of very high robotic engineeringsold to a affordable price, which is improving the lives of hundreds of people without upper limbs. Open Bionics is based in Bristol and uses the press and the 3D scan to tailor each Hero Arm. Each bionic arm can then be customized with special magnetic covers.

Metal Gear Solid “Venom Snake” covers are now available.

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The comments of the companies

Takayuki Kubo, Konami President, said: “We are incredibly happy to partner with Open Bionics, a pioneer in the robotics industry. We are thrilled to see Venom Snake’s iconic bionic limb design come to life. Seeing it in a technological product that is improving the quality of life of those who have lost their upper limbs is truly amazing “.

The COO and co-founder of Open Bionics, Samantha Payneinstead revealed that since Open Bionics was founded six years ago, the Snake’s arm was one of the most requested designs by Hero Arm users. Payne said she and the team are happy to offer it to their users and grateful to KONAMI for their valuable collaboration.