An app reveals phone numbers posted on Facebook

Thomas Scott created Wronga request of Facebook which reveals the telephone numbers published on the social network. The dynamic is very simple: the application tracks phones that have been shared in groups like “Hey, I lost my phone, give me your contact”, sorts them at random, and reveals them on its website.

However, the application of Scott it censors the last four digits of the phone number, because as the developer explains, the goal of his experiment is to show how easy it is to find this sensitive information. “We do nothing that is not possible by a simple search for Googleonly more dramatic,” Scott reveals. The idea for this app came about when one of his friends found his phone number after doing a simple search on the Internet.

“Many people don't understand what public means in Facebook« , comments Scott. And he's right: once information is made public, it means that it can be seen by anyone in the world, even if they are not registered on the social network. In itself, Wrong it does not violate any security protocols: it simply takes information that users have posted carelessly without any qualms.

Although the operation of Facebook, here the call for attention should be for the users. These types of groups are common in which a person asks for their friends' phones to complete their calendar or replace the numbers of a lost mobile (some even ask for this information on the wall, even more visible). How to avoid it? Very easy: check what and where you published it (and if necessary, delete it). Safety starts with yourself.

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In this video you can see how it works Wrong:

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