American vampires

The truth is, we've been so inundated with vampire news in recent years that it's incredibly boring to write about it. But reading about them is what's really disturbing, it's agony. And although the TV series Real blood It freshens the atmosphere a little, it also contributes to the fact that vampires exhaust our capacity to surprise and feel a little terror. These days, a vampire is a Hello Kitty painted black, nothing more.

For all this, I receive with great enthusiasm the launch of the comic American vampire written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King with art by Rafael Albuquerque. A story that, through comics, tells us an old-fashioned vampire story: blood, mystery, murder, history and a lot of terror. The only element I don't like right off the bat is that the central vampire gets his energy from the sun. Well, with so many silly stories, we can forgive (maybe) this great detail.

The comic strip takes us through the life (or non-life) of Skinner the first American vampirea sociopathic cowboy from Texas who is bitten in 1880, and how his condition allows him to rise in American society of the time until the 1920s. The setting borrowed many elements from the classic Sergio Leone movies and its famous spaghetti western.

Hopefully this freshens up the boring vampires of this era a bit. Reading about it, one of the things that pushed Scott Snyder to write this comic series was the saturated environment that exists today and being able to show something different and more attached with a not so vision sweet of these bloodthirsty people.

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