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American Horror Story: the gadgets to celebrate the tenth season

American Horror Story: the gadgets to celebrate the tenth season

The tenth season of American Horror Story has officially arrived. The first episode aired in the US on August 25 on FX. In Italy the episodes of Double Feature will come to Octoberin the meantime, from 8 September, it will be available on Disney + American Horror Stories. Ryan Murphy’s new format will feature the main characters of horror stories.

American Horror Story has been very successful over the years, each season is different and detached from the previous one. A dozen episodes to tell a horror story, with ever new settings and plots. The TV series has now become a cult, so we all have high expectations for this new series of episodes.

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How to prepare for the new season if not doing a rewatch on Chilli and buying some themed gadgets?

American Horror Story-themed gadgets

The American Horror Story TV series has become more and more famous. The horde of fans has grown and with them so has merchandising. We looked for some gadgets for AHS fans that are also great as gift ideas.

Themed notebooks and diaries

American Horror Story season posters are real gems, little works of art. For this they were used both as posters and as journal notebook covers. Highly sought-after graphics that lovers of this type of aesthetics cannot miss.

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The coloring book

The coloring book is also very nice. The main characters and scenes of the different seasons of ASH are represented. Certainly not a booklet for children, but a very pleasant anti-stress for TV series fans.

Tate Langdon’s sweater

A controversial character Tate, one of the protagonists of the first season of AHS – Murder House. A nice guy, a little messed up, a gloomy but soft-hearted teenager. But no. He turns out to be a sociopath, able to get to murder without ever distinguishing the line between good and evil. However, he remains a beloved character, a victim of the haunted house, in search of redemption. Did you know that on Amazon you can find the same sweater as his?

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The 2022 calendar

Perhaps it is no longer used as it once was, but the calendar has its why. Every month a new photo, then everyone hopes that the most beautiful corresponds to the month of their birthday, let’s face it. Nice to hang in the room or to give a touch of personality to the office.

The box of American Horror Story

A pencil case with the famous phrase “Normal people scare me”, gray in premium microfiber leather. Elastic and reversible, resistant to scratches and dirt. It doesn’t take up much space but is very roomy, perfect for back to school or office.

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American Horror Story socks

Socks are the gadget par excellence. Those from AHS are sold in a pack of 5 pairs, all different, low, perfect for sneakers. Alternatively you can opt for the sock with writing “Please Do Not Disturb I’m Watching American Horror Story” to wear during marathons and moments of extreme concentration.

The Funko Pop

THE Funko Pop they invaded shelves of nerds and lovers of Cinema, TV series and cartoons. For each saga there are the figures of the main characters. Real collectible merchandise. Which one would you like? Elsa Mars? Tate Langdon? The scary clown of the Freank Show season?

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American Horror Story stickers

Who does not attack stickers on notebooks, computers, suitcases… Anywhere? They are the touch of class that personalizes our objects. This pack of stickers portrays, in a stylized but super recognizable way, the main characters of the first 9 seasons of AHS.

The t-shirts

The phrase “Normal people scare me”Has become part of the common language. We first saw it on the Evan Peters t-shirt in the first season of American Horror Story. The most loyal fans have this shirt for sure.

The collector’s box

The collector’s box with all DVDs by American Horror Story is really cool. Each DVD has a very captivating cover graphics, fully apt. What’s better for marathons with friends?

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Do you like American Horror Story? We are not in the skin for the tenth season. We will update you once we have seen all the episodes