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Since Orange relaunched the legendary Amena brand (yes, the one that shared the mobile space with Airtel or Moviline) many people have jumped on the bandwagon of this Virtual Mobile Operator, which offers attractive services and prices since its creation, but also unfortunately a mobile app for iOS worth five years ago. With the latest update this has changed, so let's take a look.

correct presentation

If you have been a user – or rather a victim – of the The old Amena application, the new will seem to you blessed glory. Well organized, with fantastic support for managing multiple lines, displaying very clearly all the interesting data (especially data consumption and next billing) and with five buttons to access the most relevant functions offered by the green operator .

In each section we can obtain more details about said service, even being able to exchange rate if we deem it necessary or contract additional services such as the additional data bonus which is now essential in summer. Of particular note is the part “I configure my line”, where we can remove and put services in seconds without having to make calls or waste several minutes for completely simple management.

Performance and possibilities

That the application has gone from the most absolute suspense to exceed approval This does not mean that it still has multiple flaws to refine, especially when it comes to performance. At no time does the application seem 100% native and on an iPhone 6s it is difficult to move between screens, not having fluidity when we make changes between sections and taking too long to load certain elements.

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It is also worth noting the possibilities of notification settingsbe able to receive notifications with news from Amena, monitoring of consumption carried out or notices about changes produced in the service directly in our application.

So we are facing the management application that a relatively large operator like Amena deserves, leaving behind a horrible version. This does not mean that from Amena they can be installed, because the application does not reach the remarkable and clearly it can be better in terms of performance and design at certain points of it, but it must be recognized that this is a substantial improvement and as such it should be applauded.

Our assessment

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