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Amazon’s new Echo Show is a tech framework

Amazon’s new Echo Show is a tech framework

Amazon Echo Show 15 is the new device of the American giant that integrates the Alexa voice assistant and yes, it is very different from the other members of the family. It is in fact a 15.6 ″ inch screen that looks like a painting in every way and that you can place on a shelf or mount on the wall, both horizontally and vertically.
Its goal? Blend into your home without renouncing to be a valid one.
Echo Show 15, however, is not the only novelty announced today by Amazon. To keep him company we find Eero Pro 6 And Blink Video Doorbell.
Let’s find out prices and features together.

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Amazon Echo Show 15: price and features

Amazon Echo Show 15 shows up with a 15.6 “Full HD displaywith the processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge and with visual IDa feature that allows Alexa to recognize the user and personalize the information that comes
shown on the screen. You will then have memos, calendar, music and notes perfectly tuned to the person that is in front of the device.
A perfect solution for those who share their home with family members or flatmates.

Echo Show 15 also includes a widget dedicated to your Smart Home. You will then have one place to see and
control smart home products, complete with picture-in-picture if you want to watch a TV series
and in the meantime see who has intercomed.
You can also use this product for family communication. There 5 megapixel camera it can be useful for video calls while notes help you to leave useful messages such as a reminder to walk the dog or a note on dinner time.

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To all this you can add the features already typical of the Echo Show such as the ability to watch Prime
Video or Netflix, to see the latest news, play music or listen to a book on Audible. The Amazon Echo Show 15 also boasts the functionality Photo frame to show photos present on Amazon Photos or images and drawings
preloaded with an artistic, naturalistic or travel theme.

Amazon has paid great attention to the issue ofaccessibility. That’s why the Echo Show 15 includes the ability to interact with Alexa using touch instead of voice and transcribe Alexa’s responses which become so handy caption. privacy. Starting next year it will be possible to see the requests associated with one
specific family member who has set Voice ID within the Alexa App or from the Alexa privacy settings page so that they can manage their own history.In the coming weeks, Alexa will also help you change your privacy settings, such as how long voice recordings are saved and how they are used.

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Finally, we come to the price. Amazon Echo Show 15 will be on sale at € 249.99.
The support bases and accessories for the parallel mounting will be sold separately.

eero Pro 6: the new mesh router

Starting today, however, you can already buy eero 6 Prothe new mesh system with Wi-Fi 6 and integrated Zigbee hub for smart home control.

This tri-band mesh router is equipped with two Ethernet portscan cover up to 190 m² and supports over 75 devices connected simultaneously. However, this will not lead to disconnections or slowness: the TrueMesh technology it can help manage large volumes of traffic, extend the signal and improve reception, thus avoiding slowdowns or interruptions.

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To characterize this device we also find a simple configuration, compatibility with the eero app for network management and eero Secure and Secure + to add advanced security features, parental controls and a number of additional software.

eero Pro 6 is available in the single version a € 249 or in the package with 3 devices for € 639. For eero Secure, on the other hand, the cost is € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year while for Secure + we go up to € 10.99 per month or € 109.99 per year.

We conclude with Blink Video Doorbellthe first Blink intercom for sale in € 59.99.

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“The new Blink Video Doorbell guarantees maximum security, is easy to use and reliable. It is the ideal device for customers who want to start building a smart home security system – he said Eric Saarnio, Vice President, Amazon Devices International. – Blink Video Doorbell is designed for every home, and is equipped with advanced intelligent security features, including custom motion detection zones, to monitor the places in the house that are most important to the whole family. With the addition of a video intercom to the Blink line of smart security cameras – including the new Blink Floodlight Mount – you can immediately find out who is at the door, keep an eye on packages and protect your home even from a distance and at any time “.

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Designed to be simple to install, both wired and wireless, Blink Video Doorbell comes with an HD camera that transmits 1080p video to check who is at the entrance. Clips can also be saved to the cloud or locally using the Blink Sync Module (coming in 2022) and a USB drive, sold separately.

The included batteries guarantee two years of autonomy while the notifications in real time they tell you if someone has rang the door or any movements in front of the entrance. In addition, Blink Video Doorbell is weatherproof and connects to Echo and Fire Compatible devices.

Blink also announced the arrival of two accessories. The first is Blink Floodlight Mount, a 700 lumen battery powered LED mount compatible with Blink Outdoor. The second is Blink Solar Panel Mount that charges Blink Outdoor with solar energy. Both will be on sale at € 39.99.