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Amazon’s Alexa app will add hands-free functionality

Amazon’s Alexa app will add hands-free functionality

Alexa is the assistant that we can find on all Amazon devices, an assistant that we have at our disposal through its corresponding application, an application that will receive a new function in the coming days that many will appreciate.

According to the guys at TechCruch, the Alexa app will add a new hands free functiona function that will prevent us from pressing the blue button of the application, located at the bottom, to be able to interact through voice commands with the Amazon assistant.

Once the application is updated, and we run the application for the first time, it will ask us if we want to activate the hands-free functiona function that we can later deactivate through the configuration options of the application itself.

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This new feature it is only available when we run the Alexa app, so we cannot interact directly with it without the application being open. This little problem has a simple solution, inviting Siri to open the Alexa application and thus be able, without having to touch the iPhone at any time, to be able to manage the home automation of our home, make shopping lists, play songs…

this update, will be released in a few days for both iOS and Android and will be available in all countries where Amazon sells its devices.

Expanding the ecosystem

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon launched the Amazon Echo Auto in Spain, a small device that we have already analyzed in iPhone News and that take the amazon assistant to our vehiclea device that only makes sense in those vehicles where CarPlay and Android Auto are not available and that is not, far from it, an alternative to both systems.