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Amazon working on a smart refrigerator

Amazon working on a smart refrigerator

Good new from Amazon. According to a report published by Insider, the company is working on its own smart fridge. Named “Project Pulse“, The project would be developed by the same” brick and mortar unit “that worked on the Amazon Go hi-tech stores. From what we know, the refrigerator” is designed to track your inventory and shopping habits, predict what you want and receive it “. But let’s find out more about Amazon’s news.

Frigo smart, the new Amazon project

Amazon is working on a smart fridge, yet another project that will allow the giant to become part of our daily life. From what Insider reported, the refrigerator could keep track of expiration dates of food e suggest recipes based on the products stored inside. And that’s not all. Apparently, the device might even offer a simple and intuitive way to place orders from stores Amazon Fresh or Whole Foods. These are the details of the “Project Pulse”, which seems to have been in Amazon’s plans for a couple of years, under the guidance of Gopi Prashanth“A director of computer and artificial intelligence”.

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As innovative as it may seem, the smart fridge is not such a new idea. Samsung and LG have already launched home appliances that can identify food, connect to digital assistants like Bixby and, in some cases, even easily order groceries. Clearly, Amazon’s added value is its own network of shops, to which the refrigerator may have easy access. And, as if that were not enough, it is clear that the technological giant can also boast of the Alexa voice assistant support. In any case, for the moment it is only a news leaked by Insider. Amazon’s smart fridge may never become a reality. Or maybe yes. Maybe.