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Amazon wants headphones with Alexa to compete with AirPods

Amazon wants headphones with Alexa to compete with AirPods

Amazon doesn’t want to be left behind in the wireless headphone market, where Apple’s AirPods have been a resounding success. Jeff Bezos’ company would like to launch a product similar to Apple’s wireless headphones but with better sound quality and with Alexa “integrated”.

With the smart speaker market teeming with products that include Alexa in addition to Amazon’s own speakers, the company would like to enter the market for wireless headphones for your virtual assistant to also dominate the “portable” market.

The arrival of the new AirPods with the option to use Siri through the voice command “Hey Siri” without having to make any additional gestures makes the integration of Apple’s virtual assistant in your headphones much better, considering that they always depend on of a device with internet connectivity to be able to use it, since they lack their own connectivity. Something the same would happen with Amazon headphones, according to Bloomberg, which would not have their own connectivity either. so they would depend on having Alexa installed on a smartphone so that they could use it. It remains to be seen how they achieve this integration on iOS, where Apple’s standards are much stricter than Google’s on Android.

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Where the Amazon headphones would improve the AirPods would be in the audio, since the company is focused on making the quality higher to differentiate itself from Apple headphones. They would have a design similar to AirPods, without any additional support for the ear, as the Powerbeats Pro have. They would also include a charging box to extend their autonomy. Noise cancellation or water resistance? Nothing is said about these features, or its price, although it will surely be very competitive, as is often the case with Amazon products.