Amazon sponsor of IJF19: Alexa and the Echo series support journalism

Amazon will participate in the The International Journalism Festival will be held in Perugia from April 3 to 7, 2019. The central theme of the initiative is innovation in the production and dissemination of information.

Indeed, there are more and more tools that facilitate readers' direct access to information of all kinds. Give the AI-backed smart speakers for podcasts and audiobooks, the choice is really wide and it's really impossible to be completely unaware of something.

Amazon: sponsor of the International Journalism Festival for 6 years

Amazon, in particular, will hold gods panels dedicated to how voice can improve the interaction of readers and customers with media through Alexa and Echo devices and the opportunities offered by the Alexa Skills Kit to the information industry in Italy.

Beppe Severgnini rather, he will be the special guest of the panel organized by Audible: a literary performance to present his latest essay »The Italians stay »written and performed by himself, and show how journalists can expand their audience through an audio entertainment format such as audiobooks.

This is the sixth consecutive year that Amazon has sponsored the International Journalism Festival: the idea shared by Amazon and the Festival sees the reader at the center of everything and attempts to provide concrete help, in the dissemination of his writings, to content creators, whether they are journalists or authors of all stripes. In the 5-day total immersion, journalists will be able to discuss with readers the implications of the profound changes affecting the world of knowledge. News in this era comes as a free stream and the means by which it travels seem to be constantly changing.

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