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Amazon: September LEGO deals

Amazon: September LEGO deals

With the September offers of Amazon also have a lot of LEGO products on sale. Between constructions and sets to assemble and video games, for fans of the famous bricks it is a big party. Until 7 September promotions will be active that will allow you to take a whim without spending a salary.

Our selection of LEGO offers

We have chosen to show you some of the LEGO items we found in the September Amazon offers. The risk of leaving our hearts is high but it is worth it. Here is our selection.

The LEGO Friends sets to assemble

LEGO goes beyond age, passes through every generation and gives satisfaction to young and old. The LEGO sets to assemble require patience, precision and brick after brick, so the result takes shape and gives great satisfaction. Are you a fan of Superheroes? Of some saga? Do you like to build? LEGO makes you happy.

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LEGO Harry Potter

Among the LEGO offerings there are two boxes that are perfect for fans of the saga of Harry Potter: Hedwig’s and Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. Two collectible pieces, full of realistic details and special accessories. Also perfect for playing with the little ones.

LEGO Star Wars set among the offers

Even lovers of Star Wars they have bread for their teeth. Lots of LEGO sets on offer: Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor, Legion 501 Walker AT Clone Trooper, BARC Speeder and Battle Droids. Again: the casket of the Battle of Hoth, Imperial Shuttle, The Mandalorian Alarm on Tatooine. Recreating movie scenes in a realistic and detailed way has never been easier and… convenient. LEGO Star Wars boxes are discounted from 15% to 20%.

LEGO offers: video games

LEGO has shown that it knows how to keep up with the times, always up to date on fashions but also knowledgeable about video games. We have also searched in this section to offer you the most interesting videogames, signed by LEGO. Famous are the adventures LEGO Worldswhich allow you to explore the world and space, but made of bricks.

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The LEGO Marvel and DC Comics video games

Marvel Superhero lovers surely has already aimed them. What are we talking about? Of the LEGO Marvel video games. To retrace the adventures of HUlk, Thor, Captain America and all the Avengers, sitting comfortably on the sofa, in front of your console. You can have them with one 17% discount.

There are also video games dedicated to the characters of the DC Comics universe, especially to the bad guys. After all, the dark side fascinates everyone.

LEGO videogames inspired by movies and cartoons

In Amazon’s LEGO offers you can also find video games dedicated to beloved films, such as Harry Potter, Jurassic World and The Incredibles. Adventurous and captivating plots that will lead you to reconstruct the events narrated by the films.

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We warn you: LEGO offers may be sold out before 7 September. We admit that we would like to buy everything. What’s your favorite LEGO set?