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Amazon Prime Video presents its team for the Champions League

Amazon Prime Video presents its team for the Champions League

This year Amazon bought the rights to show in streaming on Prime Video there UEFA Champions League. The most followed and loved event in the world of football has a new team of technicians, commentators and opinion leaders to follow the matches of the Italians. And also there European Super Cupwhich we will be able to see as early as next Wednesday.

The Champions League arrives on Amazon Prime Video: here is the team of commentators and opinion leaders

In recent years, Amazon has brought more and more sports to its platform. For three years they have been showing the matches of Premiere League. The US Open are now a Prime exclusive and from this year the evening races of the Roland Garros. But from this year he will also show the Champions League in Germany (on Tuesdays) and in Italy (on Wednesdays), starting with Super Cup between Chelsea and Villareal on 11 August.

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We will be able to see 17 Champions League matchesincluding the Super Cup. For three years in a row we will be able to see the most beautiful races, from the groups to the semifinals. Wednesday night Amazon Prime Video will always show a match, giving priority to an Italian. On the same day we will also see the highlights of the matches on Tuesday, with a great focus on the other Italian who plays during the week. All included in the Prime Video subscription.

An incredible team

He is managing the Prime Video team Marco Foroni, expert commentator and columnist who becomes Amazon Prime Video’s Business Lead Sports It. And he runs a really great team.

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Sandro Piccini back to the news after three years. One of the most recognizable voices in the world of football, from historical experience. Next to him we find Massimo Ambrosini as a technical commentator: an absolute expert of the competition, since he has won two Champions League (even if he is not the one who has won the most in the team). The pre-match is there Giulia Mizzoni, who with many commentators and interviews will manage ninety minutes of pre-match, half-time and post-match on the pitch. The hot interviews are edited by Alessia Tarquiniowho will listen to the voice of the protagonists and ask the right questions. Marco Cattaneo presents the highlights, recounting all the best moments of the Cup nights.

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And then there is the team of commentators, one for each role and with great experience. Little ones presented them to the press as if they were in the field:

Gianpaolo Caldarese instead makes the comment in the VAR room, after having recently stopped refereeing on the field. And then the Star of the Champions: the four-time European Champion (with three different clubs) Clarence Seedorf.

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A team of excellence to tell the most beautiful of the cups. European football Wednesday is signed by Amazon Prime Video.