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Amazon Prime: here is the new function to give gifts by email or phone number

Amazon Prime: here is the new function to give gifts by email or phone number

Amazon is rolling out a new gift feature that will allow subscribers to its Prime service to send gifts to others using just an email address or phone number., with no address required. Donors must be members of Amazon Prime, while the program is limited to some US states and can currently only be used on mobile devices.

Amazon Prime: here is the new function to send gifts

While Amazon has integrated several security measures, such as the fact that the donor never has access to the recipient’s postal address, according to many, this initiative could have a negative impact on the users of the e-commerce siteas it leaves room for abuse by scammers, stalkers, and those who take pleasure in annoying others.

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Here’s how the new feature works: its usefulness comes into play when our potential donor would like to surprise the recipient with a gift but don’t know their mailing address. Despite this the donor has at his disposal the e-mail address or telephone number of the person to whom to make the gift. At this point, just choose the gift from the Amazon mobile app, select the “add gift receipt for easy returns” options during checkout and select the option to “allow recipient to provide their address”.

The recipient then receives a notice, via message or email, regarding the gift in question. Note that if the recipient does not have an Amazon account, he can create one when he receives the notification, since you must have an Amazon account to accept the giftalthough only the donor must be a Prime member.

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Once this is done you will need to click on the Amazon notice to reveal what the giver sent and decide whether to refuse the gift, accept it but convert it to an Amazon gift card (the donor will not receive any notification) or simply accept it as such.

A great idea on paper, but which can easily translate into practices such as scams or simple harassment aimed at prominent personalities. To know how the issue will develop, we just have to wait for the next few weeks, when the function will be distributed on a large scale.