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Amazon Prime Day 2021: 50% discounts for iotty products

Amazon Prime Day 2021: 50% discounts for iotty products

Amazon’s Prime Day 2021 is scheduled for 21 and 22 June which will also see the participation of iotty. The company participates in the initiative for the first time by announcing that during the two days of promotions it will make available to users a wide selection of discounted products. The iotty smart ecosystem during Prime Day 2021 will thus be able to benefit from a 50% discount on the list price.

Iotty promotions for Prime Day 2021

iotty announces the arrival of new promotions on the occasion of Amazon’s Prime Day 2021, scheduled for 21 and 22 June next. The company will make one available to Amazon Prime users 50% off% on a vast selection of products from its smart ecosystem. Among the products that will be offered at a discount we will find Switch Smart for lights and gates, Smart Switch for Blinds and Shutters and Smart Socket.

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These three products are characterized by a Made in Italy design, high ease of installation and numerous advanced features capable of making the home truly smart. Iotty products are available in five colors (white, black, sand, light blue, gray). The availability with Amazon Alexa voice assistants, Google Assistant, Siri quick commands, IFTTT and Samsung’s SmartThings platform should be noted.

Discounts until June 27 on the official website

For users not subscribed to Amazon Prime or for those who will not be able to take advantage of the Prime Day promotions there will be another promotion. Until June 27, in fact, it official store company will propose one special 2 × 1. Thanks to this promotion it is possible to have a free Smart Switch by purchasing two models of your choice between those for lights or for curtains and shutters.