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Amazon opens the first 4-star store in the UK

Amazon opens the first 4-star store in the UK

Amazon strengthens its commercial presence in the UK with the opening of the first physical non-food store. Inside the new store, in fact, they are for sale books, toys, video games And household items. Located within the Bluewater shopping center in Kent, this is the Amazon’s first 4-star store outside the United States. And it will use its website’s sales data to judge which products are the most popular among local shoppers. Precisely for this reason, the range of products on sale will change regularlywith the Amazon staff ready to satisfy customer requests.

Amazon: non-food store opens in the UK

The first 4-star Amazon store was opened in New York in 2018. The denomination takes its name from the idea that all the products sold have been rated at least four stars out of five by buyers. Now, years later, the same concept opens in the United Kingdom, after the technological giant has experimented not only with sales proposals in the country. Andy JonesDirector of the new Amazon store, said the company had been working on this project since before the pandemic.

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“Of course we are really eager to have customers and see what they think. We saw that the model worked very well in malls across the US, so a place like Bluewater made perfect sense to us. There are the Amazon products they will expect, but also local products from small suppliers because this is a huge part of Amazon’s business “. So Director Jones commented on the opening of the new store.

Richard Lim, chief executive of the consultancy Retail Economics, believes the new store is just an Amazon test to try to understand consumer habits. And maybe it really could be so. What matters, however, is that the brand’s physical stores continue to grow in the UK. Could the giant soon decide to buy an existing retail line in the area?