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Amazon One’s technology takes an important step

Amazon One’s technology takes an important step

Today, Amazon announced the first launch of Amazon One technology in a entertainment venue as part of a partnership with the company AXS ticketing. Let’s find out all the details together.

Amazon One debuts in entertainment venues

The technology of palm scan of Amazon, Amazon One, has always been more than just a quick payment. In fact, it is about Amazon that check and verify identitieswith the company hoping to roll out its service in public spaces such as offices and stadiums.

This dream has now come true. Amazon One will indeed be available for validate entry in the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater of Colorado, an outdoor location built into a rocky outcrop.

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Is the first time that the technology is being implemented outside of Amazon and Whole Food stores. The company revealed that it expects the technology to be added “in more AXS ticketed locations in the future.” People can sign up in dedicated stations in the Red Rocks venue.

Here are booths that analyze the veins and lines present in the palms of the hands of people: in this way people can signing in and then, later, verify their identity.

Amazon is trying to prove that this technology is cheaper than regular contactless cards and gods QR codes but it’s not that convincing. It is true that you cannot lose the palm of your hand like you could lose a physical ticket but most tickets are available on ours smartphonewhich we tend to always have with us.

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Numerous privacy experts, meanwhile, have expressed skepticism on Amazon’s ambitions in this case. Not everyone seems convinced of this technology. However, Amazon One came out last year and the company revealed that “tens of thousands of customers have signed up and used the service to enter and pay only at participating Amazon stores.”

The company is trying to encourage signups by offering users 10 dollars.