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Amazon One: discount coupons to convince users

Amazon One: discount coupons to convince users

For some time, Amazon launched the Amazon One service which allows you to use the palm of your hand to authenticate purchases. This system can be used in some Amazon Go stores, concentrated in the USA but destined to expand. To get users to use the payment system with the palm of their hand, the company is trying them all. For new users, gods are offered $ 10 discount voucher.

Amazon tries to support the spread of Amazon One among its users

Luse of Amazon Onewhich allows you to authorize payments with the recognition of the palm of your hand, must deal with the uncertainties related to the violation of privacy. Amazon has already confirmed that all data is protected using encryption and is isolated to maximize security. It should also be noted that the company has confirmed that the data relating to the palm will not be used to “monetize” (through targeted advertising for example) the customer’s activities. Other Amazon customer data will remain separate from Amazon One.

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$ 10 as a gift for customers who choose to pay with the palm of their hand

To incentivize the use of payments through the palm of the hand, in physical stores in the USA (in total there are 53), as evidenced by TechcrunchAmazon offers a $ 10 voucher. This is a further attempt to support the spread of this new payment system that aims to revolutionize in-store transactions. Potentially, in the future, One could extend to different types of stores if the company can convince users of its security.