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Amazon offers free music for users of Alexa-enabled devices in the US.

Amazon offers free music for users of Alexa-enabled devices in the US.

From iPhone News we told you recently that Amazon planned to launch a free streaming music service for everyonewithout having to pay for your Prime subscription or Amazon Music Unlimited.

Now, Amazon has just announced in a press release that this service has already arrivedat least in part and as the beginning of what is to come.

Users with Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon’s Echo speakers, will be able to request music and it will play seamlessly. No Amazon Prime account required, no Amazon Music Unlimited account or subscription required, and no payment required.

The service will work, for these users, completely free of charge and it will be maintained thanks to the ads that will play in the style of Spotify Free.

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Of course, if we have a subscription to Prime or even Amazon Music Unlimited (or, for that matter, Spotify Premium or Apple Music), we will use these services They are without ads and with fewer limitations.

Amazon’s goal with this is clear, it is being able to always offer music to your customers and that when they want to listen to something on the speakers with Alexa, there is always something, whether you pay or notwhether or not you have a subscription to a streaming music service.

The service will work similarly to Spotify Free. We will not be able to download music or play our lists or songs in particular, we will simply be able to listen to stations based on a song, artist, genre, period, etc. and Amazon will choose the songs that suit you the most.

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As we are reminded from Amazon, If we want to listen to the specific music that we want or not have ads, we must purchase the subscription to Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited.

This service, currently only available in the United States and for users of devices with Alexait may expand to more countries and is even available on more devices.