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Amazon, new center in Chieti: a thousand hires in three years

Amazon, new center in Chieti: a thousand hires in three years

Amazon continues to grow in Italy: announced the opening in 2022 of a new distribution center in San Salvo, in the province of Chieti. In the center they will be hired indefinitely up to a thousand people within three years from the opening. With these new hires it reaches 12,500 hired in our country.

Amazon opens a new center in Chieti

An investment of 150 million euros. The new distribution center has made Amazon surpass the record amount of 6 billion euros invested since the company arrived in Italy in 2010. This year alone it has opened three new logistics centers in Novara, Cividate al Piano (BG) and Spilamberto (MO).

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This new investment further expands Amazon’s logistics network, a response to the growing demand from buyers. But as the American company points out, it allows to “support small and medium-sized enterprises that increasingly decide to sell their products using Fulfillment by Amazon for storage and delivery activities”.

Those looking for a job in the managerial positions of the new center in Chieti can already submit their application on the Amazon Jobs portal. The selection of warehouse operators insteadand will only start in the course of 2022. The company explains that the “employees will be hired at the fifth level of the National Contract of Transport and Logistics with an entrance wage among the highest in the sector”. In addition, there will be “numerous benefits including employee discounts on Amazon.it and supplemental accident insurance. Amazon offers its employees additional opportunities such as the innovative Career Choice program that covers up to 95% of the cost of tuition and textbooks for those who want to specialize in a specific area by attending professional courses, for an amount up to € 8,000 in four years”.

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The news comes during a time when Amazon, especially in the United States, is receiving increasingly tight scrutiny from authorities for work practices in warehouses. However, they do not stop Amazon’s continuous expansion, whose logistics network now covers every corner of the globe.

The opening of the plant is foreseen for 2022.