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Amazon Music and Alexa: customize your listening experience!

Amazon Music and Alexa: customize your listening experience!

Amazon Music announces new Alexa featuresoffering customers an even more personalized streaming music listening experience.

New feature: introduction of songs

Amazon Music makes “the introduction of the songs” available in Italy from today, a new opt-in feature through which customers can request Alexa to announce the title and artist name before each song is played on a device. This feature was developed to help you discover music while listening to radios, playlists, new releases and more, on a smart speaker.

The introduction of the songs can be activated or deactivated by simply asking “Alexa, activate the introduction of the songs” or “Alexa, turn off song introduction”, and it works like a personal DJ by announcing the name of the artist and the song being played. This new feature improves the music discovery process when listening to radio, playlists, charts and new music. Knowing the names of songs and artists can help improve both the instant listening experience and the remembering of songs for future playback.

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Amazon Music customers love meeting new artists and rediscovering their favorites, and they ask Alexa hundreds of thousands of questions a day like “Alexa, what song is this?” or “Alexa, who sings this song?” and more, to find out what music they are listening to.

Tell Alexa what you like or don’t like

Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited customers in Italy can also let Alexa know which songs they prefer and which ones they no longer want to listen to, thanks to the simple use of their voice. Customers can now tell Alexa when they love or dislike any song, album, playlist or radio, during playback, say for example “Alexa, I like this song”, “Alexa this is my favorite” or “Alexa, I don’t like this song”.

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Alexa is now able to recognize not only these explicit expressions of appreciation, but also implicit ones. For example, it will refer to the most listened to songs to organize the music playback every time you want to listen to your favorite songs, greatly improving each customer’s listening experience. Now it is possible to simply ask “Alexa, put the music I like” and she will play a collection of favorite songs, based on the most listened to and most appreciated songs.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited for € 0.99!

For a limited period of time, new Amazon Music Unlimited customersthey can get three months of premium streaming service for only 0.99 Eurosand thus have access to over 50 million songs and listen to them also through voice controls with Alexa.