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Amazon Launchpad announces Startups of the year 2021

Amazon Launchpad announces Startups of the year 2021

Amazon Launchpadthe service that supports over two thousand startups in Europe, has announced the winner of the Startup Award of the Year 2021: WeWalk, a revolutionary clever enough. But he is not he is not the only winner this year.

Amazon Launchpad announces Startups of the year 2021

To take home the grand prix from 100 thousand euros this year is WeWalk, a product that revolutionizes the white cane to improve the life of blind people. A real “Smart dog”, which makes it easier to navigate the world with the help of technology. Thanks to the sensors, the touchpad and the integrated speaker it can detect obstacles raised from the ground. Furthermore, you can even take advantage of the voice commands to control this revolutionary device, which adapts to any white cane.

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Among the other winners there are Callaly, which for the first time in 80 years has redesigned the pad. In fact, this new feminine hygiene tool has an organic cotton pad with a soft mini absorbent on the outside, which guarantees extra protection against leakage. CasusGrill instead it made the grid green. Use untreated bamboo, cardboard and lava rocks to be 100% natural. Pahoj instead it is a seat that makes it easy to ride a bicycle or walk with your children. PlanetCare finally, it is a washing machine filter that retains 90% of microplastic pollution. All these products receive 10 thousand euros and one year for free on Launchpad.

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Among the finalists, the only Italian startup is Electra – Out of. A ski goggle with an electronic lens that can adjust itself to the surrounding light, automatically and without a battery. The product consists of a small photovoltaic cell that powers a special type of Patent pending LCD film and a proprietary chip. Which adapts the vision even if you suddenly enter a shaded area.

You can find out all these really interesting news and the other finalists by going to the site dedicated to the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards.