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Amazon launches its own craft products store

Amazon launches its own craft products store

Today, the famous Amazon shopping page (which according to recent studies is «The undisputed leader in online shopping»), opened the doors of its new page called «Handmade« (or “handmade” for its translation into Spanish). Handmade is not an independent website but works as an Amazon extension, and will be focused exclusively on handmade products made by companies or individuals who work on their own.

The store is divided into Seven categories: Jewelry, Home Decor, Artwork, Stationary and Party Supplies, Kitchen, and Furniture; counting on more than 80,000 products for sale.

Handmade is barely less than a day old, so this figure is definitely quite promising. Even more so when you take into account that each product has a detailed description of the seller and information about its manufacture; something that is essential in a product that was made by hand and not by a factory with strict quality controls.

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Obviously the list of products will continue to grow considerably with each passing week, but some established sellers on other popular craft pages such as Etsy, have complained due to the high commissions Amazon charges sellers. There is not much information about such complaints yet, but considering that Amazon has a vastly larger buyer base (emphasis on “very much”) than all of its competition, sellers are likely to prefer to pay the premium fee.

Official video made by Amazon

If you want to know more about Handmade and get along with English, here is the official video-tour created by Amazon:

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