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Amazon extends Alexa hands-free on Fire 7 and HD 8 Tablets

Amazon extends Alexa hands-free on Fire 7 and HD 8 Tablets

Amazon recently announced theexpansion of free-hands mode on Fire Tablet 7 And HD 8 for the voice assistant Alexa. Thanks to this new update, owners of the aforementioned tablets will be able to activate Alexa hands-free, through the simple use of them voice and without having to press buttons.

What is Amazon Alexa?

It is a intelligent voice assistant developed by the US company and used for the first time in the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices. Through it, users are able to interact with voice, play music and audio books, set alarms and provide information about weather forecasts, traffic and news in real time. It is also capable of controlling various devices using itself as a home automation system.

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This new and unmissable expansion was previously only accessible on Fire HD 10 tablet: from now on, however, even the cheapest ones will have the honor of being able to use it. Unfortunately, however, our Alexa he doesn’t speak Italian yet, so we will have to wait a while for our language to be added.

How to enable Alexa on our tablet?

Amazon also announced that theupdate will be free for Fire 7 and HD 8 at the end of the week. To enable or disable Alexa “hands-free” on your tablets you will need to:

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Remember that the hands-free functionality will only be accessible if it is your tablet screen is on and, in case it is turned off, Alexa will recognize your voice only if it is connected to a power source. But be careful, the connection to the USB port of your computer will not be sufficient since it has too low a power, so be careful! Finally, in case you want to buy these tablets, you should know that Amazon has put them at $ 49.99 and $ 79.99 (Fire 7 and HD 8).