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Amazon department stores arrive

Amazon department stores arrive

Amazon’s plan to launch a chain of Department stores it becomes more and more concrete. And to confirm this is the Wall Street Journal, which claims that the company can adopt a hi-tech approach to the sale of clothes within the new structures. Apparently, Amazon department stores will open in California and Ohio, where customers will be supported by technology in the purchase of their favorite clothes. Let’s see how in more detail.

Amazon: department stores will sell clothes with hi-tech solutions

From what we know, Amazon department stores will use a number of hi-tech solutions to facilitate customer purchases. More specifically, the idea provides that users “scan the QR codes of the items they want to try using a smartphone app“. Once this is done, the sales people will collect and place those same items in the dressing rooms, so as to facilitate proof of them. Inside the dressing room, customers could then “ask for more items using a touch screen, which may be able to recommend additional clothing based on the pieces buyers like”.

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And that’s not all. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has even thought aboutintroduction of robots to facilitate the customer shopping experience, but we still don’t know how. But one thing seems clear: department stores will sell first and foremost Amazon branded clothing, and then those of brands that already sell their products in the company’s online store. On the other hand, fashion has become an important market for Amazon since 2016. And now the online shopping giant seems to have even surpassed Walmart in the US. It goes without saying, therefore, that the choice to open physical clothing stores will only increase their turnover. At the moment, however, we do not know when all this will be possible. But let’s imagine that the opening of the first store may be imminent, or almost.