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Amazon bans 600 brands for fake reviews

Amazon bans 600 brands for fake reviews

Some time ago brands like Aukey, Mpow, RavPower, Vava, TaoTronics and Choetech began to mysteriously disappear from Amazon. The reason was unclear, but it seemed to have to do with issues related to the validity of the reviews. And now we know that it is. The online shopping giant, in fact, has permanently banned over 600 Chinese brands over 3000 different merchant accounts. And a spokesperson revealed why: Brands have knowingly, repeatedly and significantly violated Amazon’s review policies. But let’s find out in detail what happened.

Amazon: bogus reviews lead to a ban on 600 Chinese brands

Amazon’s harsh actions against bogus reviews started a few months ago. It all started in June, from a report by Nicole Ngyuen of the Wall Street Journal, which noted that companies like RavPower were offering gift cards to users in exchange for reviews. An action theoretically prohibited by Amazon, which banned the practice of incentivized reviews already in 2016.

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Following my fake review story, listings for Amazon-native electronics brand RAVPower are gone.

The company offered $ 35 gift cards for reviews on a product that was sold directly by Amazon itself. RAVPower acted as a wholesale vendor on that listing.https: //t.co/6nazZZ5Wtb pic.twitter.com/znp9u48YHV

– nic nguyen (@nicnguyen) June 16, 2021

In reality, the world of Amazon reviews is somewhat complicated. Some companies, for example, offer gift cards masquerading as a VIP testing program or extended warranty. And others, on the other hand, offer them as an incentive reserved exclusively for those who have left a negative review. In this way, by offering a free product or a refund to the user, they are forced to eliminate the bad review from the platform. In short, all practices that violate the regulations imposed by Amazon, which in the end decided to act to curb the abuse that companies were doing.

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In particular, the closing of ben was surprising 340 YKS online shops by Amazon, which froze over $ 20 million of its assets. And this is just one of the hundreds of companies that the online shopping giant has decided to ban. For its part, the company commented on these actions as follows:

“Amazon works hard to create a great experience in our store so that customers can shop with confidence and sellers have the opportunity to grow their business amidst healthy competition. Customers rely on the accuracy and authenticity of product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions, and we have clear policies for both reviewers and sales partners that prohibit abuse of our community features. We suspend, ban and take legal action against those who violate these policies, wherever they are in the world. “

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