Amazon announces the physical distribution of the Kindle, rightly or wrongly?

The appearance of iPad put to Amazon search for new strategies to avoid losing hegemony in the e-book reader market. On gizmology They comment that the To light up will start selling in stores UNITED STATES. Amazon has reached an agreement with Target to have physical distribution, and thus not be left behind.

Despite the launch of iPadTHE To light up he is still in very good health. However, the market is gradually becoming saturated with low-cost options, some with prices around $150. Amazon begins to feel the pressure on both fronts, both on the side of Manzana as well as e-book readers developed by small companies.

The physical distribution strategy seems to respond more to the second threat, that of small businesses. With the reconfiguration of demand, Amazon could target a more general audience. The market is still unknown, so the dispute will be fierce. Of course, as long as a second generation of iPad which exceeds the readability of the To light up, Amazon you have a significant competitive advantage, but you must hurry to move your pieces.

Amazon You need to focus on taking care of both fronts. Knowing that they momentarily controlled Manzana, launches calls for sales in stores to help the little ones win the game. Good move, no doubt, but it seems to me that it will be insufficient. More, much more, is needed to stop Jobs' boys from sweeping the market. International distribution channels, price reduction? What will he follow?

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