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Amazon Alexa news: new features and additional content

Amazon Alexa news: new features and additional content

Starting this week, with Amazon Alexa news we will have new features and more insights into our daily routines with the virtual assistant we love so much.

Amazon Alexa news: what’s new

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, has been a part of our lives for over a year now. One of the routines that she accompanies us almost every day is to ask her for all the news of the day from the main online information sources with audio and video news from the main Italian operators: Rai, TGCOM24, Radio 24, ANSA, RDS, RTL.

Now we will be able to access the news of the day in more detailed form. With in-depth news, those in possession of an Echo device (audio and video) will be able to access not only brief updates on the news but more detailed reports, thanks to the

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simple command “Alexa, play news from Radio 24”. For those who have previously set their favorite news sources in the “Daily Summary, ”Just update the list from the Alexa app, selecting in-depth news providers. You can thus listen or watch all the in-depth contents or go to the next news by saying the command “Alexa, next”.

Those who ask Alexa to play the news for the first time, Alexa will propose a list of possible sources and it will ask which ones to set as favorites. We remind you that the news will be available on any device with integrated Alexa, even from third parties; Depending on the device, Alexa will be able to play video news on screen devices, such as the Echo Show, Echo Show 5, and Echo Spot. The other devices will instead transmit the news in simple audio format.