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Amazon Alexa can now say “So ‘Lillo”

Amazon Alexa can now say “So ‘Lillo”

In the last weeks LOL: Who laughs is outthe show of Amazon Prime Videohe literally conquered the public and ours too Alexa who can now say: “So ‘Lillo”, the famous joke that entertained everyone. Here are the details.

Alexa says, “So ‘Lillo,” the line from the Amazon Prime Video show

In the last few days we only talk about the new Italian comedy show which debuted on Amazon Prime Video, LOL: Laughing is out. During the’aftershow of the programreleased a few days ago on Prime Video’s official YouTube channel, it was revealed that The company’s famous voice assistant is also a fan of the show.

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The host of the show called the contestant with him during the video Lillo and asked him to repeat a sentence to the voice assistant. After a few seconds of silence, Amazon Alexa replied: “I’m Lillo”correct variation of “So ‘Lillo”, the famous joke that amused the audience.

However, the announcement came directly from Fedezwho revealed that within the Echo Alexa devices there will be some goodies regarding the program. So just ask your Alexa device questions about LOL: Laughing is out, to get some funny answers.

As revealed by some fans, i commands have already been activated so all you have to do is talk to your Alexa and let the fun begin. If you are curious to see the aftershow of the program, you can do it through the official YouTube channel.

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To conclude, however, we inform you that Amazon Studios has announced the arrival of a second season of the program. At the moment, however, we have no information on this.

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