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Amazon: agreement with Mipaaf against Italian Sounding

Amazon: agreement with Mipaaf against Italian Sounding

The Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Mipaaf) reached an important agreement with Amazon to counter the phenomenon ofitalian sounding. This agreement aims to protect the Made in Italy products, in particular in the agri-food sector, present on the popular Amazon e-commerce.

Mipaaf and Amazon to protect Made in Italy online against Italian sounding

The new agreement between the Ministry and Amazon aims to ensure constant monitoring against the phenomenon of Italian sounding. In this way, Made in Italy agro-food products will be protected against an increasingly widespread phenomenon that involves the use of terms and images to make consumers (generally foreigners) believe that a product is Made in Italy.

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The agreement, in particular, aims to protect the products of Protected Designation of Origin (Dop) and of Protected Geographical Indication (Igp). The business linked to Italian Sounding is really very rich and causes enormous damage to our economy. This agreement will guarantee monitoring against this phenomenon on a very popular store like Amazon.

The Minister’s comment

Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Agricultural and Food Policies, he underlines: “this is a work aimed at guaranteeing the growth of our exports: the more we manage to be incisive in contrasting Italian sounding, the more we are able to increase the presence of our products on the tables of citizens all over the world. This protocol is important because Amazon is important and why the Amazon market is important and why what happens on that platform is important “