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Amazon adds the “Just Walk Out” system to Whole Foods

Amazon adds the “Just Walk Out” system to Whole Foods

After being tested in Freshsupermarket stores, the “Just Walk Out” system Cashless from Amazon will arrive at two Whole Foods locations soon. The service, which allows merchandise to be taken off-the-shelf and out, will launch in Washington DC and Sherman Oaks stores next year. “By partnering with Amazon to introduce Just Walk Out shopping at these two Whole Foods Market stores, our customers will be able to save time by skipping the checkout line.” So commented John Mackey, co-founder of the company. But let’s find out more.

Just Walk Out, the Amazon system arrives at Whole Foods

For the uninitiated, Just Walk Out allows customers to fill their shopping bags and go out without having to queue at the cashier. And this technology, already tested in the Go stores, will work exactly the same way in the Whole Foods stores. But how in detail? First, buyers need to scan theirs in-app QR codeuse it Amazon One handheld scanner or insert a debit card linked to their Amazon when they enter the store for skip the line at checkout.

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The system uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensors to track exactly what shoppers put in their bag and put back on the shelves. A practical and quick way to shop, which unions don’t like at all, who have already declared that Amazon’s technology will cost quite a few jobs. But Whole Foods said they want to “employ a comparable number of team members”, who “will spend even more time interacting with customers and making exceptional purchases”. So much for the better, then. Both for customers. Both for employees.