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If we told you that the official YouTube app is as good as we'd like it to be, we'd be lying. The official application that Google offers in the App Store lacks many functions, and it is certainly not the most respectful of the battery of our iPad. However, sometimes the stability and trust the brand gives us trumps everything else. But in the free market of the App Store We found many alternatives to YouTube for iPad that we should consider, we will present some of themmentioning what are the features that differentiate them from the rest of the apps, so you can decide for yourself.

Professional tube

The most popular of the popular. It's a pretty well-organized app, and it also has a very interesting GUI. Despite the fact that it deviates a little from the classic flat design, since it includes a “blur” tint in its function panel, it looks quite beautiful and pleasing to the eye. You can connect to YouTube, choose the resolution of the videos, enjoy the “Picture in Picture”, listen to audio even outside the app and even create playlists more easily than on YouTube. For this reason, it wins the prize for the most interesting application. Its price is €2.99 as usual, but it deserves it.


We could consider this application as the sister of ProTube. It is true that it costs absolutely nothing, you can get it completely free. However, the GUI is much poorer. Despite this, the most relevant features remain. Playing with the app in the background has been removed, which subtracted part of the value, but still retains the « picture in picture » and is compatible with 3D Touch. Obviously we find that the application is not up to ProTube, but being free it is recommended.

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tomorrow we will continue With the second part of this list of alternatives to the official YouTube app for the iPad, don't forget to leave us your recommendations, we will take them into account.

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