Alleged image of the back of an iPhone 7 appears on Dutch website

It's been a while since we've heard from any leaks or images regarding any part of the iPhone 7, hasn't it? Well today appeared on a Dutch site a picture of what would be back of an iPhone 7. The image has already appeared on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter and network where many real components appear before anywhere else, but there is one detail (at least) that makes me personally think the image is fake.

If you look closely at the image, you can clearly see that the camera is more on the edge than the iPhone 6/6s (good) and the lines for the antennas no longer pass through the device (good), remaining only on the top and bottom edges. lower. But all the rumors and leaks of models and schematics have agreed on one thing: the iPhone 7 will not include the protection ring that surrounds the camera of previous models, otherwise it will be the warped housing in this area that covers and protects the camera.

Photo of a real or fake iPhone 7?

In addition, there is another detail that makes me think that the photo is fake: if we look at the line for the antennas from the top to the left, we see that where the lines would meet (the one that surrounds the upper edge and the one which, if it existed, would cross the box from side to side) there is a vertex. In all the drawings, diagrams, concepts, etc., this vertex does not exist, it is a little sketched.

On the dates we are on, we have to get used to seeing photos like these almost every week. Some of the ones we say aren't real will end up being real, as happened with the first images of the iPhone 6, when no one believed Apple was going to release a device with those ugly lines on the back. back. Do you think this image is real?

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