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All the news presented by NVIDIA

All the news presented by NVIDIA

On the occasion of dl CES 2017, NVIDIA in addition to the important news related to AI cars, it has unveiled several new technologies that will allow to bring the power of GeForce GTX to millions of gamers around the world.
In particular 3 are great news presented by NVIDIA: SHIELD TV, GeForce NOW and GeForce Experience.


SHIELD TV, an open-platform media streamer based on bleeding-edge technology for visual computing, offering unparalleled streaming, gaming and AI experiences.
With its new design and complete equipment including a remote control and a game controller, SHIELD is able to offer the best entertainment experiences in the living room.
The new Shield offers richer visual experiences thanks to 4K HDR support and up to 3x performance compared to other streaming devices on the market. Thanks to Amazon Video’s 4K HDR offering, Shield is able to offer the largest catalog of 4K content, which also includes the Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and Vudu offerings. The YouTube TV App will be available for SHIELD in the coming months, ensuring immersive 360-degree visual experiences.
SHIELD TV also comes with a large assortment of video games. Its game library has been expanded with thousands of titles and Ubisoft is soon to be ready with a rich catalog of blockbusters including Watch Dogs 2, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, For Honor and many more. The new Ubisoft games will be available simultaneously with their release in the PC version.

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In addition, SHIELD continues to add highly successful titles in native mode to the platform. Upcoming arrivals will include The Witness, Tomb Raider, and Shadowgun Legends.
In the coming months SHIELD TV will be equipped with a number of artificial intelligence features that will transform home entertainment:
• Google Assistant integration on TV. Google has optimized the big screen experience with visual and audio responses. Voice commands can be used to replace clicks on the remote control for content search, pause, fast forward or rewind. In addition, Google AI can help in an improved way in searching for content and answering questions.
• Integration with SmartThings Hub technology, which instantly transforms SHIELD into a smart home hub capable of connecting with hundreds of smart home devices.
• NVIDIA SPOT, an optional AI microphone that can make SHIELD the backbone of the smart home, extending intelligent control throughout the home.
SHIELD TV is pre-orderable and will be available in Italy from January 16 at a price of 229.99 euros and also includes the supplied controller and remote control. SHIELD TV Pro will be available later this month complete with controller, remote control with headphone jack and 500GB of storage space for 329.99 euros.

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GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is the new on-demand service that offers millions of PCs and Macs via the cloud the ability to connect to Gaming Machines based on NVIDIA Pascal high performance.
The new GeForce NOW service provides gamers, via the cloud, with PCs with GeForce GTX 1080, which render games with the latest NVIDIA GameWorks technologies and stream them in high definition to PC and Mac.
GeForce NOW, which took 5 years to develop from NVIDIA, is compatible with most Macs and PCs, both desktops and laptops. Gamers just have to download the GeForce NOW app on their machine and with a few clicks they will be able to connect to their virtual PC with GeForce GTX, on which they can install their favorite games from the most popular digital game stores such as Steam, Battle. net, Origin, Uplay and GOG and finally start playing.
Free-to-play games such as World of Tanks, can be installed directly through their respective websites.

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Gamers can use the service to easily transform their Windows PC or notebook with integrated graphics into a state-of-the-art gaming machine. Likewise, Mac owners will be able to play the latest PC games without having to wait for the Mac version of the title to be released.

Gamers can continue to use the games they have already purchased from the aforementioned stores, as well as purchase new ones as soon as they are made available. GeForce NOW also saves game progress and achievements to the cloud and syncs them with locally installed games, allowing gamers to play GeForce NOW on a laptop and then resume the game on their home PC from where it was. interrupted.
With GeForce NOW, therefore, you can always have your games with you, whether you are at a friend’s house, in a hotel or simply in another room of the house.
GeForce NOW gives gamers the freedom to benefit from high-performance PC gaming wherever they are while making it easier than ever by automatically installing all patches and driver updates.
Upon registration, players will receive 1,000 free credits and will be able to purchase more for $ 25 for 2,500 packs. Playing on a GeForce GTX 1080 PC requires four credits per minute, while a GeForce GTX 1060 PC requires two credits per minute of play.

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GeForce Experience connected to Facebook

For years, GeForce Experience has allowed gamers to capture and share their gameplay for fans and friends. NVIDIA has enhanced its sharing capabilities by adding support for Facebook, giving you the ability to stream live on Facebook and upload images and recordings directly to your profile.
Just press “ALT + Z” to go live. You can also add the microphone to the webcam for greater interactivity with the audience. After the broadcast, the video will also be available to friends directly on their timeline.
The Facebook integration also makes it easier to share photos and gameplay, by simply using hotkeys for images (Alt + F1) and videos (Alt + F9).

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You can then capture 360 ​​photos directly from the game with NVIDIA Ansel support, including the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda (you can see a taste of the gameplay here)

Also NVIDIA unveiled, a demo of the new monitors with G-SYNC High Dynamic Range (HDR) 4K, ushering in the next revolution in cutting-edge technology, with the first High Dynamic Range (HDR) PC monitor created for video games, in 4K and 144Hz. These new G-Sync HDR monitors feature higher brightness, vivid images with more saturated colors and higher contrast.