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All the news of the Telegram update

All the news of the Telegram update

The new update from Telegram introduces some really cool software features, especially for media management on the platform. Coma it hyper-fast scrolling but also the calendar view, which makes it easy to track photos and videos based on when you sent or received them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: this update is really substantial.

Telegram: all the news of the update

The new Telegram update proves once again how great the messaging platform is for sharing media. If you have collected many over time images, files, audio, links and GIFs, now you can easily track them. Excellent in this the arrival of the new date bar on the side, which allows you to scroll very quickly between many files. You can also decide to see only two images per screen or up to one dozen squares per line, to make it easy to use Telegram as your personal file repository.

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The new one is also comfortable Calendar view for shared media, which shows a preview of the image or video on a calendar date. Just click on the image to open the media of that day. This makes it very easy to find images and videos of the weekend in the mountains or a friend’s birthday party. And you can filter by file type, whether photos or videos.

New ways to join groups and channels

An interesting novelty concerns the possibility of subscribing to a group or channel via a link shared privately, or with a QR code (very convenient for advertising). With this new update, you can set “Requires authorization”To have greater control over the group of people registered. Administrators can also view profile photos and biographies of those requesting access.

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Also, by creating a link you can give it a unique name, setting duration limits and the number of uses. One way to keep track of access to your channel or group.

The news of the Telegram update on iOS

If you use an iPhone, there are some other news (which will soon also be on Android). Among these, the most evident is the possibility of using 8 new individual chat themeswhich can be used for the whole app. Each theme also has a day and night mode, animated backgrounds and gradient message bubbles. And as with all themes, you can customize the look in every detail, and then share your creations.

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Also on iOS comes the possibility, when you share a place, to see inside the app travel time too, depending on the medium used. And if you want more precise directions, tapping on the preview will open your default navigation app to reach the shared place.

Another small but interesting novelty is that the written text now converts into a caption when you attach an image. Not only that: this works also for cloud draftsthen you can write the text on your PC and then attach the photo from your iPhone, and then send it all together.

Finally, Telegram has redesigned the Settings to be in harmony with the new style of iOS 15.

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More interactive emojis arrive

To top it off big, now when you click some emojis in a private chat, you can unleash its full screen effect. This update introduces new emojis that can do this “trick”: the ghost, the Halloween pumpkin, laughter with tears and so on.

These updates confirm Telegram’s constant focus on innovation. And they give us some more tools to communicate on the messaging app.