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All the news of Spotify Wrapped 2021

All the news of Spotify Wrapped 2021

The wait is over: Spotify Wrapped 2021 has arrived with many new features: ready to generate your summary in this year’s music?

Spotify Wrapped 2021 arrives with numerous new features

Born as a social trend, in recent years Wrapped by Spotify has become a real end-of-year tradition. For those who have not yet understood what we are talking about, Spotify Wrapped is a list that sums up the whole year based on the music we listened to. The streaming platform lists the most loved artists, the most played song, the total listening minutes and numerous other curiosities relating to our year. But for the 2021 edition it does even more, introducing other interesting parameters. Here is a list of what’s new:

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Personal thanks from artists and podcast hosts

Obviously, all the other features already present in previous editions will not be missing. The platform said videos of over 170 artists thanking fans for supporting them throughout the year. These will only appear to fans who have a song by one of the participating artists in their playlist “Your Top Songs 2021” or “Your Artists Revealed“.

As for podcasts, for the first time, it arrives Spotify Clips. Fans will be able to view special messages of thanks from their favorite podcast hosts. Finally, Spotify announced that this year’s Wrapped experience will be full of insights into artists, songs, genres and podcasts that have characterized users’ listening in 2021, all in an absolutely personal way.

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You can access your Spotify Wrapped 2021 via the app on your mobile device.