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All the news coming to Facebook groups

All the news coming to Facebook groups

This week Meta held the “Facebook Communities Summit”announcing new tools for Facebook groups with the aim of increasing the potential of communities. As communities on the platform continue to evolve, Facebook wants make collaboration between people easier and more funas well as always putting the safety of members first.

The news of Facebook groups

Among the novelties of Facebook intended for groups we find tools that allow you to customize your community ad hoc. Administrators will be able to:

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The platform then realized that maintaining a single main feed within groups can be chaotic. It is therefore testing the ability of being able to create various subgroups within a group, divided by specific topics or occasions, to immediately find the contents of interest. Again to deepen the connections between members, it will be possible to use the “Community chat” on both Facebook and Messenger, as well as creating events to meet virtually or in person.

The tools dedicated to administrators to better manage communities

New tools will be introduced to help administrators a manage Facebook groups more easily:

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The platform is also testing the possibility of, again for administrators, create fundraisers for group projects, offset community management costs or show support to administrators and moderators. Administrators will also be able to sell the merchandise they have created for the community through a shop within the group.

Administrators in the future will be able to create paid subgroups which members can sign up for for a fee to gain exclusive access to more content; experiences such as coaching or networking or more in-depth conversations.

Some communities use both groups and pages to connect with people. The platform is therefore introducing a new experience for consumers who brings together the best of Pages and Groups in one place. Page administrators will also be able to take advantage of the moderation tools available to groups today. This new experience will be in testing over the course of the next year, before it becomes more widely available.