All Star 2020, the League of Legends charity event, is coming

Riot Games is pleased to announce that the 2020 All Star event Since League of Legends will take place from December 18 to 20in a completely new format digital. All Star celebrates the most beloved people in sports, and the Riot Games team knows fans look forward to this event so they can come together and compete in friendly international competition.

League of Legends All Star 2020 will go live

As the event will be held digitally, I professionals he influencer who will participate, they will do so directly from clean house or Regional Studies. This change made it necessary to introduce a new format, divided into two phases: the Underdog Revolt and that The clash of the superstars.

The first will take place Friday December 18in one day lots of fights to the death between neighboring regions, during which smaller areas will attempt to beat their more populated and powerful counterparts. The teams will be composed of best professional playersbased on fan ratings.

The second, however, will take place on December 19 and 20 and the super teams of LCK, LCS, THE C And LPL (three for each region). The LCK and LPL will board the virtual stage saturdaywhile the LCS and LEC will play Sunday.

Additionally, one will take place in each of these four regions special 1v1 competition sponsored by Red Bull, the first phase of which will be broadcast on December 18, while the semi-finals will be broadcast on the 19th and 20th.

The most voted players from the LCS and LEC will form the different dream teams, composed of five players using draft format. To reshuffle the cards and make things more interesting, each captain will have to choose at least two professionals from each region.

Inter wishes Suning Gaming good luck in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

The teams thus formed will compete in best-of-three fights. Additionally, LCS and LEC professionals will have to deal with gods very specific game formats.

Finally, most games in this event will have a cash prize for charity. Stay tuned throughout the tournament to find out which charities the teams have chosen and how much money will be raised for each of the good causes they support.

On the League of Legends official website you can follow the tournament and get more information about it.