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All or Nothing Juventus: what the series left us on the bianconeri

All or Nothing Juventus: what the series left us on the bianconeri

All or Nothing Juventus, the series launched by Amazon Prime that tells the 2020-2021 season of the Turin club, is not exactly the best product made by the American company. While there may be no omissions or narrative flaws, the editing choices and the storytelling methods seem to sweeten something that wasn’t so sweet.

All this, however, in a difficult moment for the Old Lady, currently in difficulty both on the field, after the heavy defeats against Chelsea (4-0 in the Champions League) and Atalanta (1-0 in Serie A), both at the management level, on the capital gains that are currently affecting the company and its highest representatives, including the president Andrea Agnelli.

Why Juventus?

To launch this format in Italy, which previously had already been seen in England, both with Manchester City by Pep Guardiola both col Tottenham by Josè Mourinho, Amazon has certainly chosen the team that moves the most critical football mass, for better or for worse. Juventus, in fact, is the team that has the most fans, but also the one that has the most rival teams in the Bel Paese.

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All or Nothing Juventus: where to start

It is the beginning of the 2020-2021 season, Andrea Pirlo in his first absolute experience as a coach is chosen to lead Juventus after leaving Maurizio Sarri: this is the starting point of everything, of a season where the Brescia coach himself will be protagonist, with many shadows and some light, both on the bench of the Turin club and in the series.

Also because, it is useless to deny it, in all the All or Nothing in the world the figure of the coach, of the technical staff, of his ideas, of his relationship with individual players, with the team group, with the management and with the rest of the team. cosmos of a club, is perhaps the most interesting thing, together with the outbursts of the protagonists during the matches or in the days of preparation and post match.

All or Nothing Juventus: a storytelling that does not convince

“The only series you’ll love despite the spoilers” describes the launch post of the series on social media: the second part of the sentence is true, the first a little less. Precisely because everyone who approaches the series knows how things went – not well – and perhaps one would have expected something more raw and less fictional.

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The Old Lady lived with Pirlo the worst of the last ten seasons and yet, isolated outbursts of some players apart, such as those of a super-charismatic Leonardo Bonucci, there is no trace of a dissatisfied locker room, even if then many at the end of the year they hid, either on social media or in various press media, their intolerance towards what happened.

Instead, there is much more focus on the two minor titles brought home – the Italian Super Cup and the Italian Cup -, as if to gild a pill that almost went wrong. Because yes, the two titles on the bulletin board are beautiful, but Juventus, a club accustomed to fighting to win on all fronts and for the greatest goals, has never been competitive for the Scudetto, indeed, it qualified for the 2021 Champions League / 2022 only on the last day (thanks to the sports suicide of Napoli), and the Champions League 2021/2022 greeted her well in advance, against Porto, in the round of 16.

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Pirlo and Bonucci: the two sides of the charisma

On the pitch he was one of the greatest midfielders ever in the history of football, with his throws, his intuitions and his free-kicks he characterized an era, but to lead a group as head coach Andrea Pirlo did not seem exactly “in his cup of tea ”to put it in English.

Even if during the course of the 8 episodes his familiarity with the role grows, it is understood that the coach is at his first experience and that the mindset to fill a position of such strong pressure is not there yet.

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The character of Leonardo Bonucci instead enjoys a different light. Even if he is not formally the captain of the team, a role he still holds many times due to Giorgio Chiellini’s absences due to injury; the guide, the words, the pulse and all the technical and emotional component are of his own mold. A beacon in the storm, to put it in other words: certainly the sphere of man and footballer come out strengthened by this series.

Buffon, Chiellini and Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking of influential characters, three footballers inevitably deserve an in-depth study.

Buffon, in his last season at Juventus, after having previously left and then returning, is “a wise old man with the soul of a kid”. He does not miss a move: he is ready when he is called into question, he expresses balanced points of view, he makes himself available to younger teammates and makes everyone understand why at 43 he is still there to play and defend the poles of a leads to professional football (today at Parma).

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Chiellini, is the captain. He has a special relationship with Bonucci, who in fact is his most faithful squire than him, and always tries to think a little ahead of the rest of the team, even if the fact of not being able to be available to him limits him. . Inevitably in the film he sometimes becomes a secondary character.

Cristiano Ronaldo: the many facets of a player who is not just football. From the series we understand with what obsession he lives his profession, but also with how much attention he carries it out in a vortex of pressures that only one with his head can manage. It may seem like a supercazzola of clichés but, venting with Porto aside, it’s all true, only that it is raised to the nth degree: CR7 is that of training, of nutrition, of the goal record, but being able to spy on it from the inside, albeit to a minimum extent, he makes it clear – also to put his face in a Juventus Christmas commercial – how much everything must work at full speed in a gear that must always reach or close to perfection.

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Young people

Federico Chiesa, Dejan Kulusevski and Weston McKennie: of the three of them, more than seeing how they respond on the pitch to requests and settling into a new prestigious club, the thing that captures the most attention is “how they live off the pitch”. From life in the locker room to the acclimatization process in Turin. We understand that compared to the four players mentioned above they see things in another way and this is not always perceived in a positive way by Pirlo.

Color note: Federico Chiesa is the son of Enrico Chiesa, a forward who played with Buffon (at Parma) in the late 90s and early 00s, this more than once “connects” them in a special way , like uncle and nephew.

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All or Nothing Juventus: you play on the pitch, but it’s not just the pitch

To be a winning team you need to be ready from all points of view. From the study of the opponent in the video meetings with the technical staff – which Igor Tudor (from second) much opposed and almost immediately killed, but now Hellas Verona coach – to communication and preparation of press conferences.

Here, in this the series is practically perfect: it makes it clear that to win you must not only be the best on Sunday in the eleven against eleven on the pitch, but also in many other aspects that are often declassified as details, but that details are not I am.

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To conclude

For those who are passionate about football, there is probably much less than what one might expect, perhaps even with less useful sections, such as those reserved for the stories of individual fans.

In the final parts of the series, moreover, references are made to The Last Dance, the series on the Chicago Bulls of 1997-1998 with Michael Jordan protagonist in the journey that leads the franchise to win its sixth NBA title, a comparison that frankly does not lie in feet neither now nor ever.

The feeling is that from such a raw season, because it was for Juventus, a sharper and less accommodating product could have been created. In too many circumstances the crust has been scratched superficially, without giving the viewer the opportunity to go deeper.