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All Amazon’s fun facts on Black Friday

All Amazon’s fun facts on Black Friday

A few days ago the Black Fridayone of the most anticipated holidays of the year when users can buy their favorite items and devices a discounted prices. During this holiday Amazonas always, it was at the forefront to offer its users amazing offers. Following this day, the site shared some interesting ones with us fun facts and funny background concerning purchases by Italians. Let’s find out together.

The cutest backstories of Amazon’s Black Friday

Amazon revealed some interesting background to the Black Friday. Among them, the online service reports that users, on the first day of Black Friday (therefore November 25, 2021), bought so many packs of Scottonelle toilet paper to overcome the road distance between Rome and Moscow.

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Moreover, between 25 and 26 November, users have also purchased so many coffee capsules to be able to offerif they wanted, a coffee to more than all the inhabitants of Palermo and Florence put together. Do any of you want a coffee?

The fun facts obviously don’t end there because the offers for Black Friday continued also over the weekend. Amazon revealed to us that its customers have bought so many Yankee Candle Magic of Christmas to be able to put one on each step of the Royal Staircase of the Fenestrelle Fortin the province of Turin.

In a way we understand them, the scent of the Yankee Candle is magical And delightful.

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Finally, Amazon revealed that customers have also bought a lot Chupa Chups: so many that we can offer one to all the inhabitants of Sciacca And Alghero put together. But be careful with your teeth, the dentist is expensive.

To conclude, we remind you that Black Friday has ended but the offers still continue because today is the Cyber ​​Monday. In the dedicated Amazon showcase you can find further offers and discounts but hurry up because they will finish at 11:59 pm this eveningNovember 29, 2021.