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All about the new features of Tinder: Explore, Question & Answer and other news

All about the new features of Tinder: Explore, Question & Answer and other news

Numerous news for Tinder arrive today. Let’s find out together the new Explore function, which to date represents the biggest revolution in the history of the app.

Here comes the Explore function on Tinder

Big news officially arrives for Tinder. This is the new Explore feature, which consists of a new hub within the app, which will revolutionize the way we use the service. Thanks to the new functionality, users will have more control over who they choose to meet within the app. This is just one of the many new features coming to the application, which should soon implement numerous other features. Among these we find Botta & Response, Vibes, Swipe Night and Photo Verification.

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Explore represents the biggest Tinder revolution since the invention of the Swipe. Already from the first tests nearly 80% of the selected members rushed to try out the new feature.

“In the post-Covid world, we need to revolutionize the way we think about dating: we need more ways to have fun and interact virtually with others and more control over who we meet on Tinder,” he says. Renate Nyborg, CEO of Tinder. “The Explore launch is an important step in creating a deeper, multidimensional and interactive experience for our members – a novelty that greatly expands the possibilities offered by Tinder as a platform.”

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Shuffle and Photo Verification

Explore is a dynamic space, which will be constantly enriched with new social and interactive experiences. These will be promptly updated for customize the user experience on the app to the maximum. At launch, the following options will be available: Shuffle And Photo Verification.

The other news of Tinder: Q&A and SwipeNight

Swipe Nightthe first social experience launched by Tinder, attracted over 20 million members. This resulted in a 26% match increase. A success that paved the way for others social experiences on Tinder, which have become an incredibly popular way of interacting with new people. Now Explore will be home to this growing list of experiences, which it includes Vibes. This is a weekly event that offers members a new way to express their views on a variety of topics. As previously announced, the next installation of Swipe Night will be available in Explore in November.

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Question and Answer instead it is a nocturnal social experience. This offers members the opportunity to chat with someone before the match, by answering a quick quiz about pop culture and their preferences. While a timer runs, the two members will be able to get to know each other and, at the end, choose whether to confirm their match or let the timer expire. This it is the first time that members can chat with each other before the match, leaving to their most spontaneous messages the task of breaking the ice and setting off a spark from the first impression. Q&A has attracted millions of members since it launched in the US and UK earlier this summer and is available daily from 6pm to midnight local time.

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The Explore functionality will be available worldwide by mid-October.

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