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All about the latest version of WhatsApp and the future features of the app

All about the latest version of WhatsApp and the future features of the app

WhatsApp would be experimenting with a beta for iOS that would allow voice recordings to be paused. Also the latest version introduces interesting tools.

The iOS beta allows you to pause voice recordings

Period of strong change for Whatsappthe most used messaging app in the world, the latest version of which has already introduced numerous news. Others are on the way, as evidenced by the recent beta for iOS users. The test allows in fact to pause the voice recording. Useful in case of interruptions or unforeseen events: after all we have all deleted minutes and minutes of vowels because they were interrupted at the end. And who has never shamelessly minded it.

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The functionality is obviously not yet available to everyone. The phonearena.com portal reports that this has been reported by some beta testers in reference to the version for iOS. If you have an iPhone then you can be among the lucky few to have this feature in preview: check and let us know. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how long it will be possible to freeze our vowels.

Latest version of WhatsApp: what has been introduced and what will come soon

Among the recent news regarding the latest version, WhatsApp has changed information about the last access. So dear professional stalkers, the party is over. The new version allows you to select, manually and individually, to whom to show the last access and to whom not. This is an important step forward as a function of one greater privacy for users. In fact, before the last update, you could only choose whether or not to show the last access to everyone, without the possibility of choosing individually among your contacts.

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The latest version also allows choose who to show your profile photo to. Tricks that therefore create a new one intermediate stepso from hide sensitive information from certain contacts without necessarily blocking them.

WhatsApp would also be working on a new design and a new interface. This is actually already in beta testing, and those who have tried it have described it as more visually pleasing. There are also rumors of an imminent arrival of the functionality that allows the support of the Novi digital wallet. The latter is the official wallet announced by Facebooknot yet released in Europe, which could soon make its debut on the messaging app.