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Alice in Borderland, when the game becomes reality – Why watch it?

Alice in Borderland, when the game becomes reality – Why watch it?

Before the South Korean fashion branded Squid Game, the streaming platform of Netflix already boasted the presence of Alice in Borderland. It is a Japanese TV series with a compelling storyline, a particular cast and a second season which could debut soon. Let’s find out together the TV series inspired by the manga of the same name by Haro Aso.

Alice in Borderland, before Squid Game – Why watch it?

Thanks to Squid Game, Netflix audiences found themselves in browse the catalog of the streaming giant to look for a product that could, in some way, be similar to the famous South Korean series that shocked the world. Fortunately for us, most users have been directed to Alice in Borderlanda product that we enjoyed on the day of its release and that, after a year, we continue to remember with pleasure.

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Alice in Borderland is a genre TV series science fiction And thriller inspired by the manga of the same name made by Haro Aso. The protagonist of this series is the twenty-four year old Arisu, a young man obsessed with video games who doesn’t get along with his family. His father in particular never misses an opportunity to compare him to his brother and reiterate how much his video games are useless.

One day while Arisu and his best friends Chōta And Karube they are running away from the police because of a little prank, they hide in a public bathroom. Once out, they suddenly find themselves in one Tokyo empty, without inhabitants.

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They will soon find out they have to take part in numerous dangerous games And violent to survive. Over the course of their adventure, Arisu and her friends also meet Usagi, a young girl who participates alone in games. Will the boys survive and find out who the Game Master?

The TV series is available with the Italian dubbing but, honestly, we recommend viewing in the original language because makes it much more. We don’t know exactly why Alice in Borderland is booming just now but we are still satisfied that the Netflix branded product is getting the due attention.

Alice in Borderland it does not have an innovative plot and it’s not showing nothing new: however he makes the most of his cards and offers the public one compelling storyone excellent narrative construction and many twists. One of the main advantages of the series is the length of the episodes. Each episode hovers around the 45/50 minutes but each of them ends with a twist, an unexpected event, and we can do nothing but continue our vision.

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The references to Alice in Wonderland: not only the names of the characters but also and above all theirs personality. Characters they are not trivial and each of them must, in some way, face your own destiny. Some are there by chance, others because they have chosen to be there: still others, however, are just trying to survive.

Each character is well outlined and his personality stands out in a balanced way, without going to attack that of others. In a senseall the characters shine in the same way. Plus we liked the way the director did allows us to get to know them thoroughly.

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To do this he offers us flashback explanatory And detailed and allows us to enter, metaphorically speaking, into thoughts of each of them. Instead, as far as play and surviving are concerned, Arisu and her friends will soon realize that they are literally playing with fire: and often, there is a risk of getting burned.

Genius puzzles and continuous suspense

To survive this far-fetched situation, the characters of the TV series they have to pass testsof the games that come in the form of increasingly elaborate puzzles. One of the most interesting aspects, and which allowed us to experience these puzzles firsthand, is the way in which each of the characters related to them.

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We enjoyed the initial panic that enveloped Arisu at the beginning of each puzzle and how he later exploded into a determination such that it allowed him to resolve the situation. We also really enjoyed the cunning And the cunning from Chishiya, a player who does not go unnoticed. Not just because it reminds us of it Cheshire Cat but also for the way observe from afar and in silence.

Another strength of this Netflix product is the suspense continues. Every situation, in one way or another, will take a turn completely different from what we had imagined. The characters will behave in a way sudden and impulsivewe will not be able to understand their reasons at the beginning and the games will get more and more violent.

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For the duration of the first season we are enveloped by this aura of suspense and anguish keep on. There are also moments of complete tension, a tension so lively that it clings to us and does not let us go. When the characters have to make serious decisions, we will feel almost in danger, as if we ourselves had to take them together with them.

Each episode is a race for survival in which you easily lose control.

Alice in Borderland – so why watch it?

Alice in Borderland offers her audience one compelling storyfull of twists And original characters. It does not offer moments of pause and tranquility because the story moves forward like a train and we can not help but appreciate it in all its shade. We remind you that the first season of the series is available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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To conclude, we reveal that the streaming giant has announced that the season two of Alice in Borderland will arrive on the streaming platform in December. At the moment we have not yet a specific release date but be ready because December is just around the corner.